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Lorain County Coroner General Information
Lorain County Coroner General Information
​Coroner's duties include:
     Determination of medical cause of death
     Establishing the legal cause of death by correlating and  evaluating      
       evidence to determine the mode and manner consistent with medical 
     Submitting a death certificate to Vital Statistics
     Archiving official public records

Deaths investigated by the Coroner's Office:
     Violent Deaths 
     Sudden Deaths
     Suspicious Deaths
     Deaths while in Custody
     Unattended Deaths
     Anyone with mental retardation or developmental delay (MRDD)
     Occupational Deaths

What is a Coroner's case?
     Sections 313.11 and 313.12 - Revised code of state of Ohio “...any person  
     (who)  dies as a result of criminal or other violent means, or by casualty, or
      by suicide, or suddenly when in apparent health, or in any suspicious or   
     unusual manner...”

When is an autopsy performed?
     Performed to establish cause of death at the discretion of the Coroner.
     Less than 1/4 of coroner’s cases require an autopsy.