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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the Coroner's Office involved?
     Ohio Law requires the County Coroner to investigate the circumstances and determine the cause and manner of death of all deaths that are: sudden when a person is in apparent good health; not under the care of a physician; suspicious, unusual, or unexplained; the result of violence; and unlawful or due to criminal neglect.

Will an autopsy be performed? 
     Autopsies are performed at the discretion of the Coroner. Autopsies are not routinely performed in cases where there is significant medical history, the death appears to be from natural causes, or there is no evidence of foul play.

Will I still be able to have an open casket service if an autopsy is performed?
     Yes, autopsies are performed in a professional manner that does not interfere with the viewing.

How long will it take before my loved one is released from the Coroner's jurisdiction?
     Depending on what time of day the Coroner's Office is notified and takes jurisdiction, the medical information available and the circumstances surroundng the death, the body may be released the same day or later on the next day. In cases of suspicious deaths or deaths that required further investigation, your loved one's remains may be held for additional time.

Is it necessary for me to come to the morgue to view the body?
     No- In the majority of cases, visual identification at the hospital is not required. If visual identification is required, you will be notified by the Coroner's Office.

Is viewing or visitation allowed while the body is under the Coroner's jurisdiction?
     The Coroner's Office and the hospital facility are not designed to handle bereaved relatives. Only in rare instances is viewing of the remains allowed on a limited basis. Arrangements for viewing should be made with your Funeral Director.

What should I do now?
     As soon as possible, a funeral home must be selected to handle funeral arrangements for the deceased. When you contact the funeral home, advise them that the deceased is under the Coroner's jurisdiction. The Funeral Director will, in turn, contact our office and make arrangements to pick up your loved one.